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Traxx FM - Experience The Excitement

Traxx FM is the country’s pioneer English radio station and broadcasts nationwide including neighboring countries like Singapore, Brunei and selected parts of Thailand. Traxx FM started back in 1982 when the station was called the Blue Network and its base station was set up in Langkawi Island. Back then the Blue Network only aired 18 hours daily and DJ’s were full time staff unlike today where DJ’s are contract artists.

Currently, the station operates a full 24 hours LIVE with the cooperation of the whole team which consists of the DJ’s, producers and administrative staff. Traxx FM or previously known as Radio 4/Blue Network is the first station to broadcast in English as primary medium. Pioneering the nation with its English based content enhanced the importance of the usage of English language secondarily to Bahasa Melayu. The radio station serves the society and government to deliver information directly to the whole nation.

Today, Traxx FM is station that focuses on great music, credible and excellent talk shows. Its never-ending evolution is an example of how the station strives for the best. Traxx FM will always hold its place as the radio that cares.

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